Quality people, quality games.

Our mission is to be an industry leading game studio that creates compelling game experiences for audiences everywhere, and we know that begins with our team. Sun Machine’s culture is one of inclusivity, diversity, innovation, and fun!

Our studio is located in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive district, a place we’re proud to call home. Not only is Vancouver where many of us cut our teeth in the games industry, it’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and home to some of the industry’s top talent.

We’re actively looking to recruit talented developers, artists, and creatives who, like us, are driven by a passion for creating unforgettable gaming experiences. Interested in joining our team? Please visit our Careers section to learn more.


Wil Mozell Co-Founder, CEO

Wil has been building game businesses, studios and products for over 25 years. He co-founded BigPark in 2007, a game development studio he sold to Microsoft in 2009. The following six years, Wil led the growth of Microsoft’s development footprint in Vancouver with hit products like Gears of War, Kinect Sports, and countless other projects. Prior to BigPark, Wil spent 13 years at Electronic Arts leading numerous EASports and EASports BIG titles, including the creation of the award-winning NBA STREET Franchise.

Derek Yip Co-Founder, Game Director

Derek has designed, developed and launched hit products across console and mobile game markets for over 15 years. He was the first Designer at BigPark, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2009. Prior to co-founding Sun Machine, Derek was Director of Product at A Thinking Ape Games, where he was responsible for delivering and monetizing social games, Kingdoms of War and Kingdoms of Heckfire. As COO, Derek is looking forward to using his experience to continue the lifelong passion of creating memorable game experiences for all types of players.

Kirk Gibbons Co-Founder, Creative Director

Kirk has been a creative leader in the game industry for over 17 years, leading teams on blockbuster franchises like Gears of War, Need for Speed and NBA STREET. Prior to co-founding Sun Machine, Kirk was the Studio Art Director of The Coalition Studio (Microsoft), leading over 100+ artists for Gears of War 4. Kirk has a passion for directing innovative video game IP’s and inspiring creative teams to deliver world-class interactive experiences.

Cong Ly Co-Founder, Technical Director

Cong has been a technology leader for over 20 years. He is credited with AAA titles such as Scarface, Crash Bandicoot, and Prototype. While at Radical Entertainment, Cong was a part of the Advanced Technology Group where he was responsible for the development of custom backend multiplayer technologies, before it was acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2008. Cong has held management positions at Hootsuite, where he led engineering teams responsible for the volume business and strategic integration in the Product Infrastructure Group.

Ellie Moon Executive Producer

Ellie has held a range of key roles in the gaming industry over the past 15 years. She led the User Experience (UX) of hit products, Marvel: Contest of Champions, and Transformers: Forged to Fight, and was responsible for spearheading the growth of the UX discipline at Kabam. After being promoted to Director of Operations, Ellie collaborated with studio GMs, development teams, finance, and HR departments to continuously improve the organizational processes while supporting the growth to over 500 people. Ellie is passionate about designing and building a studio organization that brings together a group of passionate and driven individuals to become a strong and effective team.

Craig Rollins EVP & General Counsel

Craig brings to the team 11 years of experience in commercial law, corporate finance, and strategic M&A. He has several years of game industry specific transactional and strategic partnership experience with some of the world’s largest technology and game companies, including TenCent, Epic Games, and Apple.